Legion is upon us!

WalkingTheWind has been completely redesigned and is ready for the Legion’s invasion. The guide and FAQ have been updated for the expansion. The only exceptions are the Hellfire Citadel guides, which have not been updated due to being short-lived, and generally not worth the time required to update them for a few weeks. Windwalker is in a fantastic place going into the expansion, so the community is exploding. This site will always be maintained with the most up-to-date information available.

New to Windwalker? Start Here:

Pre-Raid Gear Guide – All the information you need for specifically gearing up before you can get into raids.

TL:DR Guide and Wordy Guide – Everything you need to know about Windwalkers in two convenient formats.

Frequently Asked Questions – Chances are, you’re not the first person to wonder, check here first to see if its already been answered.

Peak of Serenity Discord – This is the main hub for Windwalker, and all Monk discussion. All the authors to this site can be found there and reached with questions.

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Explore the site – There are many blog posts with information and opinions on a variety of topics. There is a lot more content left to add if we reach our Patreon goals, such as dungeon guides, Mythic +, and much more. So check back regularly for new content, information, or just to refresh.

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