Jerks to Champions and Beyond

In General by Babylonius

Much of this post is inspired by what I’m currently going through managing this site, moderating MMO-Champion’s Monk forums, and working to revive Chi Burst for the Monk community. However, its also in no small part thanks to Calligraphy and her recent blog post on pretty much the same topic.

In the beginning, there was nothing…

Ok, well I’m not 100% sure, since I started playing in Burning Crusade, but I’m sure at one point, there was only the Blizzard Official Forums. The game was just starting out and the community was small but growing.

Then Elitist Jerks said, “Let there be forums”

When I first started playing, EJ was the end all-be all for your World of Warcraft needs. Their guild was toward the top in the world, their forums were full of guides, discussion, and theorycrafting. Anything you needed to learn about a class was found on EJ. The one downside is that they had the reputation to be… well, elitist jerks. The forums were heavily moderated and restricted to the people who were deemed worthy. There was a special area for “benefactors” and you had to earn your place there.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best available place for theorycrafting and guides. Back then, MMO-Champion was mostly a news site where you’d go for data mining, information on when the next raid was coming out and who was winning the World First race. As of a few days ago, if you go to, you get an error message. What was formerly the bastion of Theorycrafting in World of Warcraft, has officially died out.

Rise of MMO-Champion

At someone point along the time line, people became fed up with Elitist Jerks for a variety of reasons. Their guild became less impressive and eventually stopped raiding all together. After that, there was a mass exodus to MMO-Champion’s forums. MMO-Champion forums were diverse and well moderated, but without much of the overlord control. Many of MMO-C’s forums were, and still are, practically the wild west; they are sparsely moderated and free for anyone to post as long as they don’t insult a moderator or each other, and even that rule is frequently overlooked.

MMO-Champion became the main hub for all things World of Warcraft; news, discussion, guide, theorycrafting, the works. Eventually they started a Monk forum in Mists of Pandaria, and two years ago I took over moderating them, and for most of that time I’ve been doing it by myself.

However, over the past expansion, if not longer, many people have become disenfranchised with MMO-Champion and many other things that I won’t go into detail about. Suffice it to say that MMO-Champion is not likely to be maintained in perpetuity.


(For Monks, By Monks, About Monks) This had long been the goal for, first envisioned by Jadedot, later worked on by Chaithi and Calligraphy. Now the mantle has fallen to me. MMO-Champion is not something made for Monks, its just something that Monks use because there are no alternatives. Well now there is.

I have put a few days into working on, and will continue to over the next several months. In that time I have been working with most of the other prominent members of the Monk community to insure that ChiBurst, in addition to our own personal sites, is the main place for all things Monk. Its going to take time, and for awhile, the forums may seem dead, but we will be putting in the effort to get it to where it needs to be. BrewingScribe, author of the Brewmaster Guide and the Brewing Mastery blog, (formerly The Madgod on MMOC) has officially moved his Brewmaster guide to ChiBurst and now where his guide formerly was on MMOC, is just a redirect link.

At the time of this writing, most of my work on ChiBurst had been on the forums, so they are functional. Next step is the main homepage and all the wonderful things we plan on doing with the rest of the site. Rest assured that I will still be maintaining this site as the main source of WW information, but all theorycrafting and discussion will be handled on ChiBurst. I’ll also continue to moderate MMOC until they kick me out as I slowly guide people to the promised land.

So head on over to ChiBurst, acquaint yourself with the site, post any suggestions in the appropriate forums, and help me make it the main source of all things Monk for the future.