Gear Basics

In Legion by Babylonius

So there are many questions about gear so hopefully this will clear things up.


For Windwalker all stats have some value. The value of one stat depends on how much of that and the other stats you have. Based on our formulas and testing through SimCraft, we found some ideal gaps where the stats have a roughly equal weight. Being away from those gaps will cause one stat to be better than the others. This can be a better indicator than stat weights if you’re not perfectly clear about how they work. **Note, these can change via trinket procs, these are just approximations for general scenarios** Here are some rules to try to live by:

  1. Agility is nearly always king. If items have Mastery, Vers, and or Crit on them, the higher item level will likely be best unless you’re really far from the ideal gaps  and the ilvl change is small.
  2. Mastery should be 4525 higher than Vers. If Mastery minus Vers > 4525, further points of Vers will be more valuable than further points of Mastery. If Mastery minus Vers < 4525, then further points of Mastery will be more valuable than further points of Vers.
  3. Vers should be kept 400 higher than Crit, or 800 if you’re a Blood Elf due to the Crit % racial. If Vers minus Crit is > 400 (or 800 for BE) then further points of Crit will be more valuable than further points of Vers. If Crit > Vers then Vers will be more valuable.
  4. Haste is tricky. In general you’re fine with any haste % as long as its less than 10%.

Gems vs Item Level

This is always a difficult question to answer because each slot has its own stat budget. So I’ll make a list. This list assumes that secondary stats you would use for gems are worth 60% of Agility. This is how many item levels a gem socket is worth for each slot, assuming a 150 secondary stat gem:

  • Helm/Chest/Legs – 5 ilvl
  • Neck/Ring – 20 ilvl
  • Shoulders/Gloves/Waist/Boots – 7 ilvl
  • Cloak/Bracers – 9 ilvl

**Note, your first socket on your gear is worth a huge amount because you can add the +200 Agility gem.**

If more things pop up, I’ll add more.

Hopefully, this answers more questions than it creates. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.