7.1.5 Sim-Extravaganza 2.0

In Legion by Babylonius

Please be sure to check out Part 1 as it has lots of the big changes. I’ll try looking at some more “fine tuning” things with this post. That being said, anything done in this post supersedes anything done in Part 1. Any changes to the results between Part 1 and Part 2 is a result of SimC improvements or in-game hotfixes.

Because of how much work this was again, although less stressful with staying out of Discord for a few days, just going to put these here:

Remember, that these results are based on the Mythic Nighthold BiS profile, unless otherwise specified; if you want an answer specific to your character at your specific time, you need to run your own simulations. Use the How to SimCraft guide I’ve created for help.

Much, if not all of this is outdated; CLICK HERE for updated stuff.

Since there was mass confusion over how the talents were formatted in the previous post, I went back through and split everything up even more. We’ll look at how talents compare on 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 targets, as well as with and without Convergence of Fates (CoF) and Drinking Horn Cover (DHC).

TLDR: Until you have Convergence of Fates, use Whirling Dragon Punch. After you have Convergence of Fates, use Whirling Dragon Punch if you have Drinking Horn Cover until more than 5 consistent targets, use Serenity above 5 targets or without Drinking Horn Cover.

As all of those above profiles were run using the Mythic Nighthold profile, I also ran the talents using the 880 ilvl EN/ToV Mythic profile as this is more applicable to people’s current gear. Because Convergence of Fates isn’t part of the EN/ToV profile, I only ran it with and without Drinking Horn Cover.

TLDR: Same as above – Use Whirling Dragon Punch all the time if you have Drinking Horn Cover. If not, use Whirling Dragon Punch until more than 5 targets.

So, because of the change to how Serenity works, we needed to look again at when is the best time to use it in terms of the cooldowns of other abilities. Since things like the 2pc and Convergence of Fates will effect the timings and how cooldowns line up, I looked at combinations of both and none.

“No Delay” is obviously using Serenity roughly on CD, whereas FoF <15 or >20 is using Serenity if FoF has less than 15s OR more than 20s on its cooldown. “Previous Usage” was how we used Serenity prior to 7.1.5, FoF at <15, SotW at <14, and RSK at <2s

TLDR: Despite them being in different orders, the common theme is that “No Delay” is always within less than the margin of error from the top. So when using Serenity, you can delay it a little if something is about to come up, but don’t delay it too long. And if you don’t have Convergence of Fates, the sims say that you almost cannot use Serenity incorrectly.

Much, if not all of this is outdated; CLICK HERE for updated stuff.

People seemed to be confused about how the legendaries stack up, so I’ll run them again with combinations of Whirling Dragon Punch, Serenity and Convergence of Fates. There were all run at 940 ilvl to exaggerate differences.



These profiles use Convergence of Fates and Serenity with the rest of the BiS gear, except one Drinking Horn Cover profile which uses Whirling Dragon Punch to illustrate the overall power of the legendaries with the best gear.

TLDR: Convergence of Fates has little to no effect on legendary rankings, and the main difference between legendaries with Serenity and Whirling Dragon Punch is obviously the power of Drinking Horn Cover. Katsuo’s Eclipse is far and away the best legendary regardless of situation, with Drinking Horn Cover, Sephuz’s Secret (if you can keep the buff up), Kiljaedans,  and Cinidaria, the Symbiote are all very strong legendaries, Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred and The Emperor’s Capacitor are also very strong, but mostly restricted to single target.

Much, if not all of this is outdated; CLICK HERE for updated stuff.

Lets look at how all the trinkets combine. I ran them all using both Serenity and WDP, as well as with and without DHC.

TLDR: Convergence of Fates is the clear winner, Draught gains some power with Serenity, but in general, most other trinkets are all very close.

For the full list of all available trinkets, Nevarix is actively working to update the Trinket Spreadsheet.

A simple run of sims to check whether the changes to enchants have had any effect on how they stack up. Because SEF no longer decreases the damage of procs, simming for both talents isn’t as necessary.

TLDR: Nothing has changed, Hidden Satyr for single target, Trained Solider for Multi Target.

A frequent question is which race is best, so here ya go.

TLDR: Although people will not listen, whats important is that all the racials are within 1% of each other. In fact, the Serenity rankings are 0.56% apart. Play what you want, and want to play Pandaren.

Everything was run looking at using different combinations of potions. For example, OW then PP means using Old War prepull and Prolonged Power during the fight.

TLDR: The differences are very minor, Old War continues to have a very small edge when using Serenity and Prolonged Power having a very small edge when using WDP.

Pretty straightforward. Fishbrul doesn’t scale with gear like stat food does.

TLDR: Ignore the stats, whats important is that Fishbrul is at or toward the bottom. So no matter your race, use the stat food based on the stat you need the most, which is typically going to be mastery.

I have also updated the Gear Guide with new socket weights and the Relic weights in the Wordy Guide. I’ve adopted a new way of showing the power of a relic that is consistent with how most other specs are displaying them. Rather than showing the worth of each relic relative to Fists of the Wind, they will now be shown based on how much weapon ilvl they’re worth individually. It may confuse some people, but its simple addition or subtraction, so hopefully its not the end of the world.

This should shore up the vast majority of lingering questions so hopefully it helps. As always you can find us on Discord to answer questions, and if you liked what you read don’t hesitate to scroll down or to the top and subscribe and support WtW.