About the Author



Windwalker Monk playing on US-Turalyon. Moderator, theorycrafter, guide-writer, and raider.

An Introduction

I’m Babylonius and I play a Windwalker Monk in Occasional Excellence, US-Turalyon. I am 26, married, and work as a Speech Therapist in a school. Beyond World of Warcraft, I play Xbox and relax with my wife, daughter, and dogs.

I started playing WoW in 2007 and have been playing my Monk consistently since a few weeks before Throne of Thunder was released. During that time I have maintained high overall rankings and raided within and around the US100 level on a very minimal raid schedule.

I have been an active Moderator on the MMOChampion Monk forums for over two years where much of the Monk theorycrafting and discussion takes place. I also post frequently to answer questions on Reddit’s /r/wow, managing the weekly Firepower Fridays DPS thread. I stream all my raids to Twitch, upload kill videos to YouTube, occasionally Tweet, and answer questions in-game and on Discord.


Hellfire Citadel
Blackrock Foundry

This expansion has seen my focus change from myself and personal rankings to helping the Monk and Windwalker Community. I developed my first website; walkingthewinds.wordpress.com in order to help new and experienced Windwalkers find the information they needed quickly and easily. I have continued to raid at a high level, but have seen my name slip a bit on the overall rankings.

Guild History

  • Occasional Excellence – Turalyon US:
    • Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M (US#104)
    • Blackrock Foundry: 10/10M (US#142)
    • Highmaul: 7/7M
  • Ascent – Thrall US:
    • Blackrock Foundry: 3/10M
    • Highmaul: 6/7M
    • Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14H (US#93)
  • South of Heaven – Stormreaver US:
    • Throne of Thunder: 13/13H (US#181)

What I do here

My main focus with this website is to continue to provide the best information in the best format for a variety of players. As the author of the original site, walkingthewinds.wordpress.com, my emphasis is on writing guides and posts that focus on what players need to know most about abilities, stats, rotations, etc. while skipping past any information that they don’t need.

Because of my background in teaching, I prefer to handle the formatting of the information of the website in order for it to be easily accessible to the maximum number of players. I also handle the basic information guides and posts and coordinate with other resources.