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7.1.5 Sim-Extravaganza 2.0

In Legion by Babylonius45 Comments

Please be sure to check out Part 1 as it has lots of the big changes. I’ll try looking at some more “fine tuning” things with this post. That being said, anything done in this post supersedes anything done in Part 1. Any changes to the results between Part 1 and Part 2 is a result of SimC improvements or …

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7.1.5 Sim-Extravaganza: Part 1

In Legion by Babylonius117 Comments

Talents, Trinkets, and Legendaries have been revised in Part 2. Tier Bonus is still correct. So I spent the better part of two days simming a variety of things using SimulationCraft. The Windwalker profile for SimCraft is mostly stable, so its finally time that we can start drawing conclusions. Remember, that these results are based on the Mythic Nighthold BiS …

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7.1.5 Guide Changelog

In Legion by Babylonius23 Comments

Rather than split things into multiple posts, or into one post that is made irrelevant by the next, I will use this post to show the changes to the guides and articles, and continually update it as time goes on. When reading this article understand that few, if any, things are final as we continue to refine one thing, it …

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Storm Earth and Fire is FIXED!!

In Legion by Babylonius26 Comments

Obviously there are several more posts to come about 7.1.5 and how WW is looking, those will come in the next few days. This will specifically deal with the fixes to Storm, Earth, and Fire. DPS balance and testing through sims will come in the next day or few as improvements to the APL and updates to SimC will need to …

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Legion Sims 12.31 – Path to 7.1.5: Round 2

In Legion by Babylonius40 Comments

Much of this is outdated now, see the newest article(s) for up to date information. As with the previous Path to 7.1.5 post, try not to draw hard conclusions from these sims. They’re simply steps in a process to get to the sims that we can start drawing conclusions from. These sims were not all done in order, so improvements …

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Legion Sims 12.28 – The Path to 7.1.5

In Legion by Babylonius21 Comments

Much of this is out of date, see the newest article(s) for updated information. As we’ve started to work on things for 7.1.5, I thought that I’d post some of our findings, and how we’re going about testing things. Pretty much everything I’ll be posting about in this and any further articles on the matter are purely for testing. DO …

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PTR 7.1.5 (Dec 22) – Aura and Xuen Buffs

In Legion by Babylonius15 Comments

Only a few changes in this round, potentially the last round of changes we may see, but difficult to say whether there will be another build or not, specially considering the holidays. Windwalker Monk: 8% up from 4% Standard increase in damage. Increases the damage of pretty much all abilities, except some like Touch of Death. UPDATE: It was noticed …