Ep 11 – DHC and Serenity

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Find the links for the spreadsheet and video guides under “Media” in the navbar above. Let me know what you think of the shorter format.


  1. Kio

    Perhaps Blizz just realized making a Legendary that only benefits a single talent in a row, was a bad idea. But then that begs the question: why doesn’t it benefit all 3 talents in the row? Has Blizz just given up on our 3rd choice altogether?

    Like you said, when the competitive community was running Serenity, DHC was an underwhelming stat stick. As bad as Sephuz’s was, at least it could shine in certain content. Now we are running WDP, but some players, at varying levels, may still want to run Serentity without feeling like their legendary is a waste.

    TL,DR: I think the change is designed to appease the larger subscribers base rather than just the competitive community.

      1. Kio

        Doh! You’re right. I was confusing WDP with SEF on that train of thought.

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