1. Zenoph

    I think blizz actually wanted to make things more simple- from a gearing perspective. With the stat weights and blizzards comments in their latest podcast I think they just want us to be able to equip a higher level item and have it be an upgrade, as opposed to going for a specific stat. For example I’m simming my higher i level cape (+15 levels cape) which has +500 haste, compared to my 875 cape (+600 mastery) and the haste cape is simming more for me even though I have the ursoc haste trinket, and this is before the secondary stat nerfs. This is due to stat weights but also because the agility bonus I get from the higher I level, which is kicking in and giving me that increase and outweighing the benefits of mastery.

    So what I’m trying to say is, I was able to equip a higher item level cape with my worst stat yet it’s simming higher than a 15 levels cape with my best stat, so, imagine how it’s going to be in 7.15 when secondary stats are actually nerfed, the i levels will mean even more than already.

    1. Author

      WW pretty much always prefers ilvl over secondary stats right now, so yes, that will be more exaggerated in 7.1.5

  2. Erenthas

    Thank you sir .. learned a lot from you

    keep the good job up and walk the wind !

  3. Decebalus

    On the topic of stats and SimC. SimC has one option for player skill. With player skill set to Elite the stats I got were
    Agility ~10 Versatility/Mastery/Crit somewhere in the 6-7 range and finally Haste was ~5.8. Expecting that haste would increase in weight for less skillful players I decided to also simulate with player skill set to Good. To my surprise Agility went down a little, Versatility/Mastery/Crit also moved down a little but Haste jumped all the way above Agility having a weight above 10. I tried the other player level settings and those did not lead to any other major changes.

    Basically I expected Haste to gain some weight as the player skill decreases but I am very surprised to see such a wild swing. Partially because I am biased against Haste 🙂 the result now casts a large doubt over the validity of the results.

    Is there anything that I am missing? Should I really trust that Haste will be so much better for me as I consider myself far from being an Elite player?

    1. Author

      Haste reduces a ton of CD timers, on a fixed time frame it very much jumps around. If you use the plotting feature you can see it’s far from a smooth line

  4. Just another panda from russia.

    Hello Babylonius!
    Id like to ask u about food.
    Sorry for bad english (and maybe u already answer on my question in podcast, coz i heard u talking about food something, but i understand about 60% of it)
    Just for sure, i wona know about it, coz my rase is panda.
    For now we have 4500 (its gona change after patch, but nwm) difference between mastr and vers.
    I cant find where i can use/change food in simcraft to see results, so i am gona try to ask u about it.
    If i have ~8000mast and 3500vers, what food i should eat, if stats are equal?
    Should i go for 7250matery and 3500 vers to eat 750mastery food?
    After all, the food considered in that proportion?

    1. Author

      In the APL for SimC you can change the food. It’s in the prefight stuff. Takes a littlw bit of digging, but it’s there. That being said, if you’re stats are equal to those gaps then you can get away with any food. There should be very minor differences between what food you chooses so it doesn’t much matter.

      1. Just another panda from russia.

        So, if i can do ~7250matery(8000food) and ~3500vers with chants and gems(i have about 5 sockets) – it would be better than i have ~7750(8500food) and ~3250vers? Difference is little, but I want to be sure that the food has a meaning in these proportions (Stat Weights).

        1. Author

          The proportions were done without food. The best answer will be to sim it, those are guidelines, not hard numbers for every character.

    2. pandanaconda

      If stats are perfectly equal in stats weights, then it means you gain as much dps from eating either. Therefore I’d go versatility food for the reduced damage taken.

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