Ep 8 – Trinket Changes and Best in Slots

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Ignore the pen clicks, my hands cannot be idle.

Jan 23 Trinket Changes

Part 1

Part 2

00:00 – Introduction

Trinket Changes

02:20 – What changed

13:15 – What was effected

“Best in Slot”

17:50 – The problem with “BiS”

20:45 – How I’ve handled it in the past

21:35 – Common practices

24:45 – Recent idea

27:55 – My opinion on “What is BiS?”

33:10 – How to get the information you want

37:55 – TLDR

40:50 – Conclusion

Understand that some trinkets are just hot garbage, no amount of ilvl is going to help. When I’m talking about trinkets, I’m talking about the ones that you would be searching for, not the pure trash ones that clearly have no chance at becoming BiS.


  1. Dankort

    I just got Draught of Souls 895, is it any good? U are writing that sim with haste can not always be counted on as it can give a wrong sim how is that?

    1. Author

      Draught is decent for single target. Sims with haste can be weird when looking at stat weights, because you could be at a point where adding or removing a small amount of haste adds another cast of an ability, which can result in Hastes weight being much higher or lower than it should be. However, when looking at just dps, the high number of iterations helps to average out that weirdness.

  2. Dankort

    Hey Baby
    I have simmed my char with driefferent trinkets for patchwerk fights and is wondering if the sim is correct. I have the latest nightly build sim.
    I have Urm 875 + socket – Bloodthirsty 880 – Eye of Command 875.
    It says Urm + Eye is the best for single target, i can see the bloodthirsty is mutch higher on your trinket list and wondering if the sim is not simming the trinket corect or it is beacause the Urm i have has a socket and that is why it says that combo is better. Does a socket (I have 150 mastery in it) make it so mutch better?
    Have a great weekend
    Cheers Dankort

    1. Author

      the sim is simming everything correct. Eye is strong in pure single target, but falls off if you have to change targets at all.

      1. Dankort

        Yea okay i see.
        But its weird when i look at logs at Krosus witch is a Patchwerk fight the first 50 persons in the top rankings none is using the Eye, and i presume that the Eye would be great on that fight or is the add phase ruining it for the trinket?
        I got the Eye in 880itl today and thinking of trying it maybe.

        1. Author

          Eye is harder to get at higher ilvl, and there is some target switching in Krosus which devalues the eye. When looking at the gear others are using, you can’t assume they have access to all the gear possible. They’re just using the best they’ve gotten like everyone else

  3. Pandagogodancer

    Hello babs! Great site btw 🙂 Question, lets say you have the 2 set gloves and boots that gives a chance for 3k mastery/15 sec with 900ilvl (from arcway/cos). Is it worth replacing katsuos? Having dhc, cinidaria or cenedril as a replacement. Thank you.

    1. Author

      You could probably get away with switching to DHC for the bonus, but once you can use 2 legendaries you’d want to go with DHC and the boots all the time.

  4. Waferz

    Replying to your comment about using serenity with RJW. Considering that the SEF clones now also grant you 4 stacks of crane stack for a total of 12 stacks of crane kick I don’t think serenity will ever compete if you’re going with an AOE spec like that. The amount of stacks you get so quickly with SEF and RJW does so much more damage.

    For example if your doing maw runs or the skorpy cheese strat you can get 24 stacks of crane in two uses of RJW which usually puts me around 10-15M DPS compared to with serenity and RJW which takes a lot more time to build up stacks.

    I don’t know if that has been changed recently because as far as i know when i tested RJW with clones they were not adding extra stacks of crane kick a week or so ago but it seems that on Tuesday last week it started working.

    1. Author

      SEF gets you the stacks faster, but Serenity lets you do more damage once you have them, so it depends on how much time you have to set up.

  5. ven

    Serenity’s WW monk (Inf) got a 900 titanforged memento from his weekly chest, he also has a bunch of warforged/titanforged gear set gear, insane

  6. Gh0sti

    I like that you’ve listed the times and subjects, very helpful for when I need to revisit some info , thanks!

    1. Author

      Yeah, I tried to do that with some of the earlier ones but got lazy in the middle. I’ll try to keep doing that again in the future.

  7. Aegie

    Personally I think “hopefully this answers more questions than it creates” is already the best in slot signoff. A thousand thank yous for all the work!

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