Ep 9 – Legendary Tierlist and Q&A

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Babylonius and Pandanaconda discuss the Legendaries in a Tierlist format.

This is accompanied by a video: CLICK HERE.

We also did a live Twitch Q&A afterwards: CLICK HERE


  1. Ainz

    Hey, Great work!

    I am having a little difficulty deciding between my Legendarys! i have Cindarias (belt) Cenedril (Cloak) and Kil jaedens (Trinket)
    Im not really sure if i should use the Trinket or the Cloak – if i Sim them i am having 20k dps more with the Trinket – but you said that we should add 30k dps to the cloak – but how reliable are these 30k? sometimes it is hard getting the Cloak bonus off intime – and the trinket is really easy to use… also these 20k difference are on a Single target Sim – nighthold are mostly multitarget fights thats why i am using the trinket atm… but i am a little unsure…. ^^”

    anyway thanks for the great work u all are doing – helping me out alot!

    1. Author

      You’re going to want to switch all those around depending on the fight. If you can use ToK consistently and the priority damage is single target then the cloak will be strong. If there are many adds or you can’t/won’t use ToK consistently then trinket will be better.

      The 30k to add to the sims is dependent on your health. Just take 75% of your health, since that’s the damage the cloak provides, and divide it by 90, since that’s the CD of ToK. This gives you the maximum benefit from the cloak.

  2. Sai

    Around the 22:22 minute mark, Panda mentions the logs of someone when referring to how good the cloak can be, but I can’t quite pick out the name he’s referring to due to audio. Could you perhaps hand us a link to this guy/his name?

  3. Eric Moore

    I was just coming in to make the same comment, it sounds like you are turning away from your mic. This can be remedied by using software to normalize your volume, it induces a little noise but at least it won’t have a +/- 50% swing in volume.

  4. Kazaandu

    Hey Babs, listening to your podcast I just wanted to say that the volume levels were wildly varied. They would fade in and out. Great content though!

    1. Author

      Yeah, I noticed that after listening to it. Not sure how I can manage that, but I’ll look around.

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